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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Sen. Majority Leader Mc Connell on Iran Impeachment  CSPAN  January 7, 2020 1:13pm-1:19pm EST

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will be immediately notified of the senate's actions. under the previous order, the senate stands in recess until 2:15 p.m. you can follow the senatelive when they returned 2:15 eastern . next, comments by leaders in
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the senate, mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer on us relations with iran and the impeachment process >> we spoke yesterday about president trump's decision to remove the chief architect of tehran's terrorism in the battlefield. and i discussed the senate's obligation to approach this matter in a serious, sober and factual way. it is right for senators to want to learn more about the presidents major decision . once again, i encourage all our colleagues to attend a classified briefing the administration will provide tomorrow. secretary of defense, secretary of state, chairman of the joint chiefs, the cia director will give classified content behind the president's decision. a bill discussed the presidents strategy to protect our personnel and defend our nation's interests in the new landscape.
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i'd ask every senator on both sides to bring an open mind to the briefing. and in particular we should all remember the history of iranian aggression again long , long before this new cycle or this presidency. in the decades since the islamic revolution of 1979, as the white house has changed parties and our administrations have changed strategies, tehran's simmering anti-american hatred proxy violence and steady support for terrorism worldwide have remained elentirely constant through all these years. in effect, iran has been at war with the united states for years while they have taken pains to avoid direct conflict, iran's authoritarian regime has shown no compunctionabout utkidnapping , torturing and killing americans since its earliest days or iraqis, or
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fellow iranians for that matter . from the 52 diplomatic personnel held hostage in iran for 444 days in 1979 to the hundreds of us service members killed in bombings carried out by iran's proxies , beirut in 1983, riyadh in 1995, kovar in 1996 to the hundreds more killed or maimed in iraq by the explosives and indirect fire attacks ordered by general b soleimani himself. the constant flows of equipment that prop up terrorist organizationthrough the region . iran's game plan has been an open book. use third-party terrorism reto inflict death and suffering on its enemieswhile avoiding direct confrontation .
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the threat iran poses is certainly not new. it's violence is not some unique reaction to president trump or prime minister netanyahu or any other current leader. violence runs in the bloodstream of this evil regime . and in particular our colleagues who apparently want to blame president trump mafor iranian propagate foreign policy should reflect on the history of the previous administration . iran exploited president obama's withdrawal from iraq. soleimani and his agents fill the void, expanding iranian influence inside iraq . they were able to impose a sectarian vision on end that disenfranchised sunnis. fueled the rise of isisand plunged the region into chaos . and over in syria, eweakness
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from the obama administration opened another door for iran. the administration failed to confront the assad regime as it slaughtered hundreds of syrians and displaced millions more, once more amid the chaos soleimani worked and thrived in. of course, all of this was the backdrop for the brazen legacy shopping nuclear arrangement that sent billions of dollars to fuel iran's further violence . even my friend the current leader new at the time because he himself voted for and resolution of disapproval on president obama's deal. >> are going to leave this to take you live to the remarks by democratic presidential candidate and former vice president joe biden. >> in the past few days in the wake of the killing of